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The project has 145 square meters on two floors and a terrace. The building location is an important factor because it is on the lower side of Turi, a natural viewpoint of the city of Cuenca-Ecuador where there were some retaining stone walls from a destroyed and abandoned construction. These walls were originally raised to stop the gradient of over 30% of the natural slope, which is why they are included as part of the formal and structural design. The purpose was for building a small detached house, with basic functional spaces for everyday life, with a local and contemporary language. The design refers to vernacular materials; we have used dry stone walls, located where the original walls of the previous construction were, the roof structure made entirely of exposed wood clad in unglazed handmade tile and carrizo pambil on the ceiling, adobe prepared in blocks to clad some walls and as mud plastering for others. This sort of traditional materials incorporated into the architecture confer the popular warmth of local buildings and simultaneously engage a project of contemporary features with large glass surfaces that dominate the north facade, with a complete view of the city. View more View full description
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