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Back in September, Foster + Partners released details of their designs for a droneport in Rwanda, a humanitarian initiative that seeks to jumpstart and navigate the infrastructural challenges of emerging economies. In this video, Foster and others involved in the project explain the process of realizing the droneports, giving further details on its inclusion in this year’s Venice Biennale—with engaging new architectural visualizations to boot. The project, which is slated to begin construction this year, was initiated by Jonathan Ledgard of Afrotech-Redline, who specifically approached Foster for his background work in airports and aviation. This striking juxtaposition between the low-tech landscapes of emerging economies and high-tech drones exhibit one of the key concepts behind the droneport: technological leapfrogging. The phrase refers to the adoption of advanced technology in areas where preexisting technologies are lacking, solving these areas' challenges faster or more cheaply than the previous technologies ever could. View more View full description
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