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The past month has seen a variety of potential topics of discussion - but when it comes to the most thoughtful comments, it seems ArchDaily users have been preoccupied with one theme: quality of life. From a discussion about micro-apartments, to a critical take on the supposedly "romantic" portrayal of favelas, and even to a prediction that soon the design of virtual reality will take precedence over the design of actual reality, it seems our readers have been thinking a lot about living conditions in many spheres of life. Read on to find out what they had to say. Is It Possible to Design Equality Into Housing? The phenomenon of micro-apartments already sparked an interesting debate with Jesse Connuck’s response article to Nick Axel’s piece on the topic. But while Connuck’s article asked “are expanding tables and folding furniture a solution to inequality?” the piece sparked a discussion among our readers in which some seemed to suggest that design is unable to play a role at all in encouraging equality in housing: View more View full description
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