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A new built, 4600 sqft built up bungalow on an aprox 7400 sqft land in SS3, one of the bigger residential suburbs of Petaling Jaya. I had received an email inquiry from the client stating they needed a family home built and were looking for someone to work with them “fanatically” to make it happen ASAP.  Oh, and on top of that, they also have a fairly limited budget!  - Not exactly the right mix of terms any consultant would jump up to grab.... but  I thought what the heck, let's just meet up with them. I did and we surprisingly hit it off! The clients were involved in the building industry and already had an idea of what they wanted. They were particularly interested in the current trend of the raw, industrial aesthetic which was popular among younger architects in Malaysia.  Although I can appreciate that aesthetic (which I felt was getting to be a tad bit overdone!!), I felt that for that look and feel to permeate all throughout a home may not be the best, especially for a home with children. Instead I proposed that we do a mix; we have some features using fairface concrete/ cement screed/ plaster and bricks but balanced off with “finished” elements as well – this would give the house more layers  and contrasts and thus have more character  View more View full description
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