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Following the successful development of Ekimetrics.01’s offices in 2014, Vincent & Gloria Architects was again solicited to expand the offices through a 250m2 space located on the floor above.  The expansion consisted in the transformation of a closed and dark space into a free- owing and light-led work environment. The new space includes a fun and flexible work universe that is comprised of two open space office areas, 1 closed office space, 1 kitchen area, 1 relaxation and co-working space, 1 large meeting room and 2 smaller meeting rooms named Ping and Pong.  The relaxation and co-working space recycles the codes of the original architecture project Eki.01 and uses simple materials as well day to day practical accessories. This gathering area includes a wall where over 30 Tam Tam stools can be stored inside of it, allowing for a customizable space according to needs. Large polycarbonate panels separate the space and bring a sense of intimacy to the space.Panels of acoustic mousse placed behind the Tam tam wall, better the acoustic qualities of the space while giving it privacy from surrounding workspaces.Trundle blocks were conceived in order to build customizable benches that can be turned in bleacher style seating during co-working sessions.  View more View full description
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