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Curated by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu, and artist Sebastiaan Bremer, Blueprint at Storefront for Art and Architecture invited artists and architects to reflect on the theme of origination through the medium of the blueprint. The notion of the blueprint - a nostalgic medium - implies a plan and intention. The show is an assessment of the past and suggests a trajectory for the future. Realized as part of the exhibition, our installation shrink-wraps the gallery’s façade of varied and irregular openings, transforming the Holl- Acconci exterior into one continuous and undulating surface. The resulting interior provides an intimate space for the viewer to see the mind of the artist. For the installation, we appropriated a “mothballing” technique. The technique to “put things away” is typically used in a range of applications from suspending work on construction sites to preserving ships, and tanks. For Blueprint, we use the technique to reevaluate the original intent of the architecture of Storefront: an activator and agitator of the public realm. Rather than conserve, this shrink-wrap reinvigorates the existing Holl- Acconci installation and reveals the activities happening behind its permeable skin. View more View full description
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