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Structure This composite residential house consists of a ground floor based on a concrete piloti and a second floor based on a grid composition plan. The ground floor is an open space, which doubles as a parking lot, while the second floor makes up the main living space. At the ground level, open space is secured to the utmost. The piloti space offers substantial room for two cars, while exhibiting a semi-public appearance. The remaining space aside from the piloti has fruit trees planted, colored by flowering plants and a vegetable garden. Within the site, an awareness of being connected to or isolated from the city area sparks between the residents and the city environment. The second floor consists of twelve cells, each the size of four and a half tatami mats. The four central cells represent free space, forming a tatami-laid hallway. This multi-purpose room allows for various living landscapes. Aside from everyday family life, it serves as a place for enjoying the extraordinary moments, such as dinner parties with friends, birthday parties, mom parties, for children to do homework together, craft workshops and so on. While being a comfortable space for everyday family life, its urban appearance also reflects individual people’s activities and tastes. View more View full description
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