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A proposal by Miba Architects and Calderon‐Folch‐Sarsanedas Architects has received 2nd prize in an international competition to design the new medical school for the University of Cyprus. The project proposes a “campus within a campus,” combining the strict bio-climatic regulations of a research lab with a social space for learning. Read more after the break. The building is inspired by the work of Panayiotis Ioannou – a Cypriot neuroscientist and cell biologist who created the first human PAC genomic library. Viewing the images of DNA sequences less rigidly, their varying sizes and intensities of bands begin to inspire a rhythm for the building form. Using a configuration of cloisters of different programs around a central circulation space, the building promotes interaction, with a central patio forming both a social core and bioclimatic regulator. View more View full description
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