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The international research building Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM) at the University of Lübeck provides 320 scientists, doctors and students with space for research in the fields of brain, hormones and behaviour. The new building comprises on 5,400 square meters of floor space biomedical laboratories, sleep laboratories and glucose clamp units for three institutes - the Institute for Neuroradiology, the Institute for Neuroendocrinology and the Institute for Pharmacology. The rectangular volume of the CBBM with its characteristic, horizontal façade strips harmoniously blends in with the university campus and creates an identity-generating centre for the three institutes. The transparent entrance zone opens up towards Marie-Curie-Straße and affords views into the foyer with its multi-functional seminar and event area. Lectures, colloquiums, laboratory course as well as symposia and scientific congresses will be held here in the future. View more View full description
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