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Sto Werkstatt have announced that Sam Jacob Studio will be creating "a unique installation" for their London gallery space that will "explore the exchange of information between digital and physical worlds." Entitled One Thing After Another, the project has its origins with what Jacob considers the most mundane, yet essential form, of architecture: the garden shed. The structure will be 3D-scanned to create a digital copy which will then be processed and scaled to fabricate a new CNC’d version from Verolith, a lightweight type of volcanic stone made of 90% perlite. According to the designer, "the original shed will sit surreally inside this larger digital version, while inside it contains a dollhouse scaled copy of itself. It is architecture arranged like a Russian Doll where one version of a thing sits inside another." One Thing After Another argues for an understanding of the possibilities of digital production that go beyond the blandly futuristic. Instead it suggests that new technologies can open up a wide array of design possibilities which embrace imperfections, processes of making and embeds these narratives and histories back into the material and form. View more View full description
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