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We want to see your designs for an architecture Easter Egg! Download the design template below and illustrate/animate/build a small celebration of springtime. We'll be accepting entries until March 24, at 12:00 pm EST and we'll publish our favorites on March 25! Competition Guidelines: Design must be submitted as a .jpg/.png/.gif and MUST use the template provided by ArchDaily. Design must be original and suitable for publication on ArchDaily All entries must be received by March 24, 12:00pm EST You may submit more than one entry Our favorite submissions will be published on March 25 Download template: Template.aiTemplate.epsTemplate.jpgTemplate.pdf How to share a link to your submission:In the form below, please submit a link to the .jpg/.png/.gif that you have created. We will not accept submissions as zip files, nor do we accept submissions sent via WeTransfer, MegaUpload, or a similar service. Any entry submitted as a zip file or using a file transfer service will be disqualified. If you are sharing a file that has been uploaded to Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Imgur or Google Drive, please ensure that you are sharing a public link that can be accessed by ArchDaily editors. How to share a file using DropboxHow to share a file using Google DriveHow to share a file using ImgurHow to share a file using Microsoft OneDrive View more View full description
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