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Articulated Units Life, UVA, are urban transformations in the neighborhoods of Medellin, intended for the public meeting, the promotion of sport, recreation, culture and community participation, under the concepts of: Joint programmes, projects and city:Equipment that promote balance in services for the neighborhood and the city Recycling existing and unused spaces:Revive restricted urban spaces in effective public space  Spaces to enjoy with five senses:Architectures that interact with citizens, which generates experiences UVA  (articulated life unit)  “The Paradise”, is a  sport center, recreational and cultural activities, is conceived as an neighborhood club immersed in one of the districts of highest development of Medellin, its location responds to the consolidation of a strategic project of urban centralities, which linked through . the creek  La Cabuyala as environmental axis and San Antonio de Prado Park-library as an existing cultural facilities are the services offering of a rural community and in housing expansion, with a high demand in cultural activities, music and sports. View more View full description
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