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U.D. Urban Design AB and Selgascano have won an international, invited competition to design the new Planning and Administrative Offices for the city of Stockholm, Sweden. Their project, "Drivhus” (Danish for "Greenhouse”) will be located south of the Stockholm city center in Söderstaden, an area set for redevelopment. Along with a work space for 1,800 people, Drivhus will become an open, democratic space for civil servants, politicians and the public to meet and discuss future city developments. The entire project aims to catalyse the revitalization of a large urban space, turning the surrounding large-scale, event buildings into more human environments. A natural park will become a centerpiece for this new development, surrounded by housing, shopping and cultural activities. The greenery from the park will continue into the building, literally crawling "under the skin” of its ETFE (a fluorine-based plastic with high resistance to energy radiation) double- façade, becoming a part of the building’s energy and ventilation systems. The threshold between facade and building will create a temperate micro-climate for the growing plants and complement the interior work spaces.  View more View full description
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