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The Serpentine Gallery in London has unveiled the designs for this year's prestigious Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, designed by BIG, showing an "unzipped wall" which rises to a point above the entrance. In addition to the pavilion, this year the Serpentine gallery will host four smaller "summer houses" designed  by Kunlé Adeyemi - NLÉ, Barkow Leibinger, Yona Friedman and Asif Khan. For these summer houses, the Serpentine Gallery asked the participants to take inspiration from Queen Caroline's Temple, a small, classical summer house near to the gallery that was built in 1734. Read on to find out more about all five designs. The Pavilion BIG's pavilion was developed from the starting point of a single brick wall, which is then pulled apart - or "unzipped" - to create the internal spaces for the pavilion's program. "We have attempted to design a structure that embodies multiple aspects that are often perceived as opposites," explain BIG in their description of the design, "a structure that is free-form yet rigorous, modular yet sculptural, both transparent and opaque, both solid box and blob." View more View full description
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