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In a rigid office space, we try to break it up with a micro spatial experiment to achieve the variability, continuity and vitality. 2 pieces of shelf-wall are designed for dividing the space into two parts— a big one for daily working and a small one for multifunction which is also subdivided into another two parts by 4 wooden staircases combination. Each staircase is defined by a module size 350mm and its multiples. Through several stack ways, they can be changed into bench, long table, and exhibition cabinet promptly. Different functions can be realized such as reading, discussion and salon, exhibiting accordingly. The shelf-wall also serves as an ambient background for all parts. 4 embedding windows with different heights and sizes link one side of the shelf to another. They are defined by different behaviors of staircase stacks, like standing or sitting on the floor and staircase, all those possibilities facilitate the fun of communication. View more View full description
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