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The Project task arises due the necessity to transform a dull building, without any particular neither spatial nor constructive condition.  All the strategy is base to acknowledge this precondition in order to modify it to enclose a new single-family house with new program requirements.  This modification begin with thinking on the pre-existent piece as a “plinth” for a new piece that allow to increase public areas, create intermediate space and it relation inside-outside that could operate as a diaphragm to control access to private areas and release as much as possible ground floor use.  The outcome is a architectural body that seek to dissolve it relation with it immediate context but creating a spatially and controlled closure. To enforce this argument about the new piece and it plinth, the project works with a material diversity.  Thus the public areas, the plinth, are contained on a traditional masonry wall, painted in black, and the private areas, the new piece, are built in steel and wood boards, painted in white, that work as a ventilated walls. View more View full description
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