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We have designed the Asian flagship store of Steinway & Sons in Tennoz Isle. Our aim was to create a space where their clients can feel Steinway’s craftsmanship, philosophy, history, and the beauty of their instruments. Clients will feel attached to everything about Steinway in this showroom, beyond the concept of “objects”. String Screen on the façade to represent the echo of SteinwayWe have stretched about 12,000 stainless wires, which is the same numbers of wires as are in Steinway pianos, around the façade. Pianos receive 20-ton string tensions, which create the echo. In the same way that the piano wires receive tension, which cannot be seen with the human eye, the stainless wires on the facade bring the space both tranquility and a tense atmosphere. Also, to liven up the clients’ mood to purchase a piano, when they walk in front of the string screen, it almost feels like the screens are trembling and making music. View more View full description
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