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The house is located in a dense residential alley at the heart area of District 10, Ho Chi Minh City (in Vietnamese is "Quận 10" that’s why the house named Q10). Like many other typical row houses in Vietnam, Q10 House faced a challenge of creating something different but feasible with very limited budget, other saying is to balance between creativity and efficiency, and more importantly, works well with living style of the owners. Q10 is a home for a family of four: retired parents live with a son and a daughter and this really are a soon-to-be a 3-generation family. The house plot size is a bit odd, the width of 5 meters is quite wide for a standard room but the length of 9 meters is too short to create internal court yard like normal concept of typical row house. Therefore, the strategy was to create about 1-meter wide void spreading throughout the house that calculated to maximize natural ventilation and lighting by allows them to go deeper into the house interior so that most of the rooms was lid up during the day and cooled down in very typical hot and humid tropical urban climate of Southern Vietnam, as the result, energy consumption for lights and air conditions will be minimized. View more View full description
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