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This project consists in the renovation of an 18th century town house (hotel de maître) and of its extension by way of a contemporary wing. More than architectural, this project is foremost urban.  It is presented as a hinge between sections of neighborhoods, public spaces and major buildings. It is defined by two lines. The first explicitly links the “croix place” to Trouille Street. This line introduces the “rue du design”, calls forth the neighborhood of the “carre des arts” as to opposite their rapport: these lots are no longer back to back they now dialogue through the interior street. They play upon the dynamic effect of depth to attract from the “croix place” towards Trouille street and then on to the “abattoirs”. The second, more implicit, looks to the “carré des arts” and indicates the triple bay of windows which institutes the door proposed by Matador to link this building to the project lot. View more View full description
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