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Modern homes have long ceased to fit into the idea of "four walls" or "box-like”. Now the environment is free to come into the house, and the house seamlessly expands its boundaries, capturing the surrounding area. One of the most effective and common methods to achieve this effect are the panoramic windows , which make the boundary of the property  implicit.  In this project, the hose comes out not only because of the glazing facade, but also due to the structural elements of the roof extending the scope of the building and creating a complex three -dimensional game. These elements deserve special attention, as performed here is not only functional but also decorative being the basis of architectural and artistic composition. The idea behind the design of the ceiling - a kind of skeleton of the roof-   was to show that the beauty of the carrier core is not closed to any decor. This can be called a desire for "honesty" in the design. View more View full description
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