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The site of this project was a vacant, untouched plot of land next to the existing suburban residence. Fortunately, the surrounding of the site is under the management of the city authority as a green space, and it will be kept as it is in the future--therefore the client hoped to maintain the feel of nature in their daily lives, while enjoying the time spending on gardening or having meals outside of the house. Then, we proposed a simple, hut-like residence corresponding to the scenery; from inside, the surrounding nature is to be enjoyed as a view; when staying outside, being the integral part of the nature is to be appreciated.  The 1st floor consists of three zones, including a living area, a dining and kitchen area, and a utility area, while each area is divided by a slit of ‘doma’ space - dirt floor space in exposed concrete finish - , allowing them to have the sense of continuity from the exterior space to the interior space. The bedroom is allocated on the 2nd floor, clearly distinguished as a private space to be hidden like an attic, compared to the open atmosphere of the spaces on the 1st floor. View more View full description
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