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Designed as a family residence for two doctors and their two daughters this five bedroom residence also has an attached annex for any visiting relatives to stay in. Located in a 14 perch block of land in a busy part of Colombo, the design attempts at creating a three dimensional composition of spaces layered both vertically and in plan. The limited un-built open space has been used to create three gardens creating beautiful landscaped areas to which some of the spaces open out. They also flood all public and private spaces with an abundance of natural light and ventilation. From the street, a wide access path leads to the main entrance passing an entrance courtyard with ‘Atteria’ trees and white pebbles welcoming those entering. A large, double height living, dining, pantry space forms the center of the house with a double height glazed façade opening in to the main garden. Planted with local fruit trees such as ‘Beli’, Mango, ‘Jambu’ in the main garden, although a small extent allows for an exciting visual focus.    View more View full description
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