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Argentine firm Estudio Arzubialde and Chilean architect Verónica Arcos led a Material Experimentation Workshop in Rosario, Argentina, during which six different groups of students designed and built projects using a variety of brick laying techniques.  Each project used different brick patterns based on simple rules, resulting in a structure with a certain degree of geometric complexity.  The first three days of the workshop consisted of creating physical and digital models, while the last six days were dedicated to construction. The projects were built in a large public square in the town of Roldán, Santa Fe. Team: Fidela Antelo, Cecilia Pellegrini, Ana Poliotto, Juan Antonio Rodríguez, Sofía Rothman, Franco Varesi Team: Luisina Abiega, Franco Barbuscia, Costanza Galati, María Florencia Méndez, Laura Mozzi, Javier Rúa View more View full description
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