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The beauty of coexistence is about life and also death; it is about eternity and also instant; it is about scenery and also us in the scenery.   The Eight Bamboo Villas in Nankun Mountain are half hidden in green mountain by a stream, they are just like the eight sages in the bamboo forest accompanies by faint flowery fragrance and birds’ tweet. In here bathing in hot spring and watching the changing world, it enables people to feel the low-profile leisure and the beauty of simplicity “from the nature and returning to the nature”. Aesthetics, is not merely visual, but more of care, which includes not only respect to human beings, but also veneration to the Nature.  Bamboo villa’s interior design was designed by C&C DESIGN CO., LTD. The design director Peng Zheng has localized the initial plan, blended local architectural culture and elements into it and added the backyard in the style of Hakka house based on understanding on the master’s architectural design.   View more View full description
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