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Taekwang Country Club is a 36-hole golf course located just outside of Seoul. The new two-floor café is nestled in a steep hill, acting as a visual point of reference on the course. Responding to the mountainous Korean landscape and local vegetation, the building is well-integrated into its environment. Players are treated to different views of the café across the golf course, even though it is never visible in its entirety. The expressive oversized black steel roof with a distinct pattern of interlocking circles produces a generous all-sided canopy. Voids in the roof allow trees to extend above the building and filter the sunlight to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere inside. The pattern of circles is continued on the ceiling of the café for a visually coherent approach. The elegant new café offers a comfortable space where members can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a light meal while waiting for their caddies to take them to the teeing ground. View more View full description
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