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Situated on a sloping plot in a beautiful location overlooking the centre of Zebetin with views of the church and surrounding countryside. The house is situated on the upper part of the plot facing the street. The mass of the house continues onto the row of houses in the lower part of the street. The main motto of the design is the „clever“ establishment of the mass and dispositions of the house onto the sloping terrain and its continuity into the garden and the street. The design respects the original terrain and „violates“ it as little as possible.The shape of the house is defined by the boundary of the plot and is slightly trapezoidal. It is an archetypal shape, a simple mass with a gabled roof. A garage mass is situated in front of of the house in the street facing part, with entrance neck and a small drive in court -yard paved with bricks and with defining seethrough walls made from reinforced concrete and a larch wood drive-in gate. From the yard one can go down the precast concrete steps, around the house and into the garden and onto a large patio terrace. View more View full description
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