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The context West Forever manufactures dreams on two wheels. This travel agency organizes Harley Davidson trips around the world with passion and originality. For their new headquarters they have decided to move to the restored old Seegmuller warehouse, situated in the docks of Strasbourg. Based on a 220m2 gross surface, the plan is to fit out fifteen open space working stations, two individual offices, a meeting room, a storage space, two restrooms and a dining area. The company is in big need of a linear shelving system for storing catalogues. The space must be welcoming for clients and reflect the values of the company, which are travelling, motorcycles and a certain ‘raw’ spirit. The Project The Project shall be humble and sober and the interventions should be targeted. The goal is to create a hybrid working space that stands between office and workshop. The plateau occupies a large and simple space characterized by structural elements. The objective is to not alter the perception of the global volume and to create transparent partitioning. The existing partitions are to be left almost raw: a layer of whitewash on walls and ceilings, transparent resin on the concrete flooring and pillars are to be kept as existing. View more View full description
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