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Whether from political unrest or natural disaster, refugee crises around the world seem to fill the headlines of late. These events inspired interdisciplinary designer Abeer Seikaly’s conceptual emergency shelter, entitled “Weaving A Home,” which received a Lexus Design Award in 2013. The collapsible structural fabric shelter can adapt to various climates, while also providing the comforts of contemporary life such as heat, running water, and electricity. Composed of high-strength plastic tubing molded into sine-wave curves and woven into a stretchable fabric membrane, the system creates “a technical, structural fabric that expands to enclose and contracts for mobility.” Due to the cellular nature of the structure, individual segments of the system can be left open to create doorways or to promote air circulation in warm weather, or all of the segments can be kept closed to retain heat in the winter. View more View full description
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