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I started the project with a light-hearted attitude, thinking that we can always take back these resources if we need it at another location, but the project became bigger than I thought. The advantages of using available resources is that they are easy to find anywhere and anytime, they are a quick fix, can find workers easily, and aids with a well-balanced construction program. Moreover, if the building is determined as illegal, it is easy to tear down the building or argue that it is still in the process of being constructed. Professor Tomii Masanori told his students while lecturing in this house that ‘nothing in this house can be found in catalogues’, referring to the fact that the house was filled with hand-made goods rather than off-the-shelf products. Although it was difficult than originally thought, the goad of the plan was clear because it is almost impossible to find non-factory made materials in stores. View more View full description
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