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"Dear Architecture," writes Craig L. Wilkins, "I’ve been wondering why you don’t speak to me. Is it because you don’t see me? Are you ignoring me? Maybe it’s because you really don’t care for me; but whatever it is, you sure don’t. Speak, that is. At least, not to me." In his winning entry to 'Dear Architecture', a competition initiated by Blank Space (of Fairytale fame), Wilkins describes misgivings through the lens of a disenfranchised city dweller, illustrating a missed connection felt by one resident towards his surroundings. Conceived as a tangent to Blank Space's series of whimsical architectural Fairy Tales, 'Dear Architecture' has, above all, provided a welcome opportunity to those most intimately acquainted with the profession to vent frustrations and voice concerns. Reviewed by a 17-person panel including archictects Fernando Romero and Diana Balmori, and ArchDaily’s co-founder David Basulto and executive editor Becky Quintal, the selection represents a smattering of opinions from architecture's biggest names, emerging voices, and relative newcomers to the field. View more View full description
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