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Being adjacent to the newly emerging center of Ho Chi Minh City, Diamond Island is a group of condominiums on an islet on Saigon River. To make the best use of the empty space of a gradual development program, this multifunctional community center is designed not only for local residents, but also for foreign tourists brought by boats from the city center. Eight large and small bamboo pavilions are scattered throughout a park with rich vegetation along the river. The pavilions are used for various events such as parties, banquets, promotions conferences, and are also planned to be restaurants in the future. Two large domes are created by pure bamboo structures and measure 24m diameter and 12.5m height. Inspired by a traditional bamboo basket sheltering fowls, the structure is made by skilled workers who weave each piece of bamboo on site. Six smaller pure bamboo pavilions are shaped like umbrellas with 11m diameter and 7m height. The umbrella structures consist of twelve prefabricated structural units assembled, aiming at efficiency of construction. View more View full description
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