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Contemporary problems need contemporary solutions. The challenge brought forth by this project is one of them. To overcome today’s disarticulated urban expansion that discourages natural resources and urban life, a proper discussion between members of a multi-disciplinary team is essential. For this reason this group of young designers came together in the attempt to create innovative designs that integrate natural and artificial elements into complete, multi-functional and sustainable urban systems that promote quality urban lifestyles in overall harmonic landscapes. This project, part of financed large scale urban system development strategy called “Inventar a Cidade”, evolved from the competition phase of Europan 9 into what is now a regenerated part of the city of Santo Tirso. It was an opportunity to transform a “non-place” into a space of increased value for the social, urban and natural environment of the city. Using local culture, ecology and tradition as construction guidelines, together with sustainable and integrated design methods, this space was morphed into a living organism that is structured by various scales, rhythms, and evolution times in a contemporary park/city context. View more View full description
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