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Naturalistic spaces – A creative playground for all the family People today have such busy lifestyles that time spent together with other family members has become more precious than ever. Mr. and Mrs. Stone’s biggest concern when arranging the interior decoration of their new home was to have a natural, open feel that would provide inspiration for their children’s creative activities, while at the same time bringing family members closer together. Whereas the layout of most family homes gives pride of place to the living room or lounge, Mr. and Mrs. Stone and Ivan, the interior designer have come up with an alternative approach. Scenes of unmatched beauty – everywhere you look is just right. In the initial stages of the interior design process, Mr. and Mrs. Stone decided that they wanted the provision of space for their children’s activities to be the main consideration in the design, so that their children could play happily and study in a relaxed environment; the parents also wanted to be present for every moment in their kids’ childhood when they were not busy working. After extensive discussions, the idea of creating a “reading and play area” gradually took shape. The Stone family are very open-minded, liberal and nature-oriented. Both Mr. and Mrs. Stone enjoy gardening, and the Waldorf Kindergarten that their daughter attends encourages the children to collect twigs, leaves and seeds that they use to make craft items, or to decorate the dinner table to create a seasonal effect. View more View full description
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