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Located a few meters from the ancient Calzada México-Tacuba, in a traditional neighborhood known long ago as Barrio de Santa Julia. Cacamatzin 34 was inserted in a very complex urban context, containing many examples of eclectic 19th century villas and early-20th century vecindades (social housing). We developed a new model for the insertion of social housing into urban heritage value areas. This new model is based on a strategy of acknowledgement and recycling the place pre-existences and the heritage of the neighborhood. On the site were found original vestiges of an old 19th century villa and a couple of superb trees -a walnut and an ash tree-. Those trees were part of the original garden of the villa -soon after we visited the place we decided to keep everything- The design strategy was solved with a central patio to embrace the trees, achieving to tense and join the street, the villa and the 40 apartments that integrate the housing complex altogether. View more View full description
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