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Originally built as a Worcestershire sauce warehouse, this apartment is contemporary living at its finest, while preserving a connection to the rich industrial and artistic history of the building and neighborhood, bordering the dynamic Hudson River Park. To restore the original loft openness, this full gut renovation involved a complete layout change, including relocating the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom along with complete new plumbing. The renovation carefully considered every inch of space, opening the ceiling to an abundance of light with fully operable skylights, and visually expanding its 1200 square feet. Throughout the space, functional items are treated as artistic installations, reflective of the client’s personality. In the living room, one skylight becomes a lamp above the sitting area. Parallel to the Riciclantica kitchen is a stainless steel kitchen workbench of the same dimensions of the large skylight above it. The skylight is fully furred with mirror to multiply reflections and light, providing an ethereal effect. An on-site mobile installation, created by Ines Esnal, hangs within the third skylight in the baby’s bedroom. The mobile is made of vibrant color Plexiglas shapes that transform the flowing natural light into magic clouds of color. View more View full description
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