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Housing L is a renovation project of an office building that has been abandoned for more than ten years.  The construction of the original building was never been finished since then.  Located in a 4th tier city Laiyang, this kind of non-performing assets is an unpredictable result from the high-speed urbanization in China.  Recently, as a series of new real estate development emerged, this building was recalled again because of its location and the expectation from the public.  The rapid urban development has brought increasing housing demands.  The developer expected to transfer this property into a housing.  This strategy provides another possibility for urban renewal and transformation in the future. Along the main street, the commercial spaces are maintained and renovated at the first two floors on the plaza level.  The water wall and the landscape create a buffer zone between the street and the new double height lobby.  Besides adding more elevators and public circulation spaces to satisfy egress and efficiency needs, the folding corner spaces on residential floors were opened up and transformed into public terraces.  Directly facing the t-junction of roads, these areas were usually considered bad Fengshui in China and also because of the geometry in plans, they were not suitable for residential units.  These public terraces on residential floors, similar to the traditional squares in the rural villages, serve the tenants with places for neighborhood activities. View more View full description
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