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The challenge of this project in Nanterre is to create a piece of a city that manages to connect the historic downtown, the surrounding city houses, and the recent, very dense construction projects in the new Sainte-Geneviève mixed development area. As a hybrid between urban development and architecture, its layout redevelops the connections between seemingly dissimilar urban textures, stitching the disparate pieces of the same city together. Weaving a new urban fabric, the contrasting and assertive heights enables the insertion of these 157 housing units into this singular context, all the while ensuring a certain level of density and a high quality of usage. The medium-sized collective housing buildings look out onto broadly scaled public spaces while smaller collective buildings and stacked houses, which have private gardens or terraces, are positioned along the secondary roadways. The progressive variation of forms and types responds to the challenge of urban and social recomposition, continuity, and diversity. View more View full description
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