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The contemporary art and culture festival ‘steirischer herbst’ is a nomad festival, settling each year in a different vacant location in the city of Graz, Austria. In 2014, it occupied a baroque palais, at the time mainly used as police headquarter with an adjacent Migration Detention Center. The intervention introduced by Supersterz + .tmp architekten amplifies the leitmotif of the festival – ‘I prefer not to... share’: It equips the festival center with a shiny second facade, folding from the street through a passage, fencing its own backyard in the courtyard of the block. This bordering, isolating gesture is at the same time a wayfinding system, attracting people and drawing them into the space – thus creating an ambivalence that reflects the contradiction of this burdened police headquarter with the use as a positive festival center. View more View full description
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