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Set on a corner plot, this five story building with a strictly residential character comes across as a compact structure defined by a dense program, where the challenge was to balance profitability and esthetics. The rigidity, defined by its shape, is softened through the use of a range of attractive materials, where the vertical planes are marked in wood and the horizontal ones in concrete. This allows for a visual play less compromising with the abstract, but showing dynamism through the elements that have been worked into the black metallic structure such as the umbrellas and grip mechanisms, as well as the C profile that marks the slabs, as expansion joints, highlighting the union between levels. From a pedestrian view, the building opens up to the city giving the corner a green space from which a door canopy appears, thus marking the access into a lobby and landing. On the same floor, with a standard apartment distribution, there are two apartments at street level, benefitting from private patios in accordance with the building setbacks. The parking lot is located in the basement with an access ramp on one side of the building. View more View full description
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