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The design developed itself surround three basic problems of this project.        The scale of this building is huge. How to make a balance between the flexibility required by the function of a kindergarten and the high density limited by the site condition? We insert a ‘Vigor Ring’ into the building. The inner part of this ring is a multifunctional hall, and the ring itself serves as classrooms. 27 activity units, administrative offices and logistics offices are connected to the ring. This concept of “liberal ring” creates tension between the distributed building masses, invigorates the space inside the high-density building, and matches the character of kid’s activities.        The site is small and it’s lack of outdoor space. How to create spatial interest? We make use of architectural forms to create a lot of stairs on the building and gaps between the masses. Meanwhile, the roof of the central ring is taken full advantage of creating activity space. Moreover, the separated outdoor spaces and the standard building units are reconnected by sightlines. In this way, the outdoor spaces of this building are organized into a complex system, View more View full description
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