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The creation of a line, this birth of the visual act, has been a meeting point throughout history of art, science and technology­ from the dawn of writing to the abstractness of cave drawings and the penning of mathematical formulas ­ all of them make use of graphics to express a novel idea. A line on a dark background­ short or long, thin or thick ­ sometimes­ expresses orientation or movement, at times convergence or divergence, pain and freedom, connection or physical repulsion. It is one of the most fascinating of its properties ­ that the very border, which a line draws also permanently breaks worlds in two. A single lines simultaneously divides and connects separate worlds­ each one onto himself. Viewed from the front it looks like a monolithic operation of materials with a deep, monochromatic range of colors. Three rectangular prisms, lain upon one another, into a peaceful composition, stable and subdued, appearing as heavy masses. View more View full description
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