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The George Brassens Social center, located on the Plateau-Rouher on Creil, is known as an inevitable place, a rampart against difficulties and a fundamental presence in this sensitive region. The new social center of Creil City has been inaugurated in the end of April 2015, executed by NOMADE architects agency, as a fundamental corner stone of urban renovation project which gives a new look to the Plateau Roucher. The challenge of urban renovation Over the last decade, Creil City in partnership with Creil Metropolitan and Urban Renovation National Agency, lead the urban renovation strategy of Rouher region. This area, located on the left shore of Oise, on the plateau overhanging the city, is typically a great set of constructions of 1960’s, made by orthogonal bars and towers. It is in this circumstances that, in 2010, the Creil City has started two contracts of the demolition – reconstruction of the Dunant commercial center and the George Brassens Social center. The aim is to encourage the renewal and diversification of housing and urban functions, in order to open up the neighborhood area and its residents. The reinforcement of the commercial attraction, the requalification of urban developments and landscapes, as well as the modernization of the social center should generate a new motive structuring centrality for the whole region. View more View full description
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