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There are various works regarding 'site and space' but architecture are highly related to site. The same is true for our Cambodia project, Khmeresque, as well as the process of project in Nepal, Himalesque. The common fact that climate conditions determine the architecture of that site is also true this time. The site beyond the Taebaek Mountains' the spine of the Korean peninsula, is as different as East and West The northeasterly wind coming from the Ulsanbawi Rock and the sea breeze from the East Sea digs up the entire forest full of pines. Building an art gallery on a 4,500㎡-vegetable field begins with understanding the wind. Though not as strong as the Himalayan winds, the winds here also have a significant impact on daily life. Three separate buildings, each 150㎡, are connected with a wall, which links the divided areas into one single area of 450㎡. The wall is also an area for the wind to stop by. Considering the nature of wind, it is better to stand with it than to go against it. View more View full description
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