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The international MOLEWA (Mount Lu Estate of World Architecture) competition, organized by the Chinese real estate group Huan Yan with the support of the UIA, sought proposals for urban development plans for small and medium cities in China and several of the winning projects will be carried out in the city of Ruichang next year.  Mexican office TEAM730 Taller de Estudios Y Análisis Metropolitanos, led by José Muñoz Villers and Carlos Marín, was awarded the silver medal in the competition’s Commercial/Cultural category, Plot 7: Shopping Street, for their design of a multi-functional pedestrian street along the entire complex.  More images and the project description after the break.  Description from the architects DESIGN APPROACH Architecture should enable us to design experiences and possibilities for things to happen; architecture should suggest rather than impose.  The design philosophy is based on key components to respond successfully to the project´s highest performance: View more View full description
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