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The project is located in a well-known street in Beijing called Liulichang, which originally was a book store and selling Chinese painting, calligraphy publications, and ancient books. This book store was a pseudo-classic architecture, and was built in the 80s century by the government unified construction. The book store was a two story building with a basement. The total construction area is about 300 square meters. In today's information era, the single mode of previous bookstores cannot attract readers any more. How to upgrade traditional bookstores is a problem that each bookstore operator thinks about. Rongbaozhai (studio of glorious treasures) coffee bookstore is trying to mix bookstore with coffee house and attract more readers with its compound management model and diversified experiences. Accompanied by a cup of fragrant coffee, people communicate with others, books and nature, creating a relaxing and comfortable reading environment with slow rhythm.  View more View full description
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