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9 Leedon Park is a bungalow house located in tropical Singapore. The house sets itself onto the land as a concrete monolith. Its form is homage to the typology of a pitch roof house in the tropics, simple and singular in its expression. Materiality. The client, a concrete supplier, wanted to build a new house for himself with a material close to his heart. The house is expressed as a single homogenous thin concrete shell structure. It was to be built in the garden space next to his existing house. Despite most of the house is being made with the same material, the concrete manifests itself as various finishes throughout the house. The floors of the interiors are in polished black concrete. The bathroom floors are also in polished black concrete but of a different aggregate composition. The exterior walls are left in an off-form finish while the roof is finished with lightweight insulating concrete. The driveway slabs and water feature are in bush hammered finish. View more View full description
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