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Built by a Venetian noble family (e.g. Crotta) Casa Crotta, (former Dalle Crode, Tibolet) is likely an ancient hunting lodge of the XVII century. The house is part of the Regional Institute of Venetian Villas list and is situated in Arfanta’s hamlet, between the Tarzo’s hills, and is the first of series of rural buildings right in front of the municipal road. From a typological perspective, two distinctive floors compose the house but the habitative one is at the top. This is a characteristic that well explain the type of use for which the building was originally built (hunting lodge), because the house used to be exploited occasionally for few hours a day. The conservation status of the house required a major intervention before compromising its functionality. Specific maintaining interventions have been complemented by the realization of entirely new architectural elements. In order to make the building’s use habitable and comfortable on both the ground floor and the first floor there was a slight but significant redistribution of space. An indelicate and superfluous volume recently added, has been recovered by transforming it into the new kitchen, while two bathrooms have been created, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. View more View full description
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