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As a result of a public competition, the Chilean Regional Government has commissioned Ennead Architects to collaborate with Chilean architects Cristian Sanhueza and Cristian Ostertag on the design of the Cape Horn Sub-Antarctic Center. Planned for a site within the UNESCO Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve in Puerto Williams, a town on Navarino Island in the Chilean Sub-Antarctic Province, the center will provide a home for the Biocultural Research and Conservation Program led by Dr. Ricardo Rozzi, Professor at the University of North Texas, the Universidad de Magallanes and the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity. "The Center is comprised of three Sub-Antarctic Center Programs: Education, Sustainable Tourism and Sub-Antarctic Transdisciplinary Research, each housed in its own pavilion along a primary axis that is oriented for optimum solar exposure and protection from the harsh climate," described Ennead in a press release. View more View full description
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