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Once in the mid orchards, this old shed with very specific proportions has been in the 90' fully integrated into the urban fabric of the city. Reorganized spatially in the respect to its structure, breakthrough new windows to enjoy fully of her situation, she relives today to the delight of a neighboring family. At the time when orchards and stone walls have sketched the landscape, the shed of little baker strolling his horse from downtown to the gardens was well isolated. Only surrounded by fruit trees, she displayed the classicism of its architecture. Since the grasslands have gave way to buildings that gradually have belted the "farm". Abandoned for years, a neighboring family was interested in its history with the desire to live there. A new entrance was created, accessible at the lower level, from the alley and not from the street. This simple change has generated all the others. A wide wooden staircase serves as a lobby. It brings the garden of the living room, unique and vast space where fleet a metal staircase, a lace. By borrowing, we discover the floor dictated by the white wooden structure. Antechambers and rooms succeed. The light penetrating through the new windows floods the interior. As depicted on the ancient walls, they fit close to the tree still present orchard, and in the distance, isolate part of Lake Neuchâtel. View more View full description
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