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Our client, a DINKS couple with profound knowledge of architectural design, acquired a lot within a quiet residential are in Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa--for realizing their own residence with a patio space by reflecting their own taste and interest in its design. The contrast between the exterior wall covered with red cedar strip flooring pieces in dark brown color and the white volume stuck out at the second floor level promotes striking impression of the exterior design. In contrast to the exterior with confined expression, an airy patio space filled with natural light rests inside as the core of the interior spaces. This patio space enables easy and casual access between the Japanese-style room with tatami mats adjacent to the entrance, and the main bedroom situated opposite to the Japanese-style room across the patio. A Body-care room is provided continuous to the open area next to the bathroom, in order to provide a unified space with relaxing atmosphere as well as a smooth circulation for housework. View more View full description
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